Jaejoongie is my Inspiration ~love him so much~

nothing in particular actually i wanna write. Just feel bored right know. while download some yunjae video but its sooooo slow,...
hmmm oh yeah start from the JYJ concert in indonesia canceled. I so disappointed about that, why,...? i want to ask that. At fist i can just let it go, i want JYJ, but just the time passed, i know maybe this is the best choice.
after know about the cancelation, me and my friend will go to singapore to watch in there, but OMG its cancel again, i know the news on 1st april. i still remember the day. On that day i just cannot think properly and The worst is my friend advice that we can go to seoul and watch in there, OMG,... for that request,.. just i cannot do it. On june i will have my 4th semester exam, so that is imposible i will go to seoul T__T,.. and she will leave me alone,..... wuaaaaaaa T__T i want to go also,....

I just finished my assigment,.. hahahha i am very happy so no burden right now ^^

*read all over again*
I think,... i am more suck in english hahahahhaha

Before U go MV

I know it`s late to say my oppinion about Before you go mv, hahaha little bit busy with my college. Honestly I like that MV, just hope the MV contain the five member, but I know that is impossible. I dont saw the point why Go ara appeared in that, that is so unnecessary. I think its enough just with yunho, changmin and the other guy *i am sorry dont know his name* . Just feel uncomfortable with she being with yunho. Are SM dont have the other artist? And about the story of that. i just feel its like the way DBSK member right know. The story tell us about how the person become a Traitor or betrayer. I think its the way they though about JYJ. The guy did the bad thing also because of his sister *i think she is his sister* he just didnt want she get hurt. And it is just the same with JYJ they out from SM is because SM doing bad thing toward them, SM pressure them, so they out. And about the ending MV when yunho give a second chance to this guy comeback, he refuse it. Its like, homin are give a chance to JYJ to back again as five member of DBSK but JYJ refuse it. And the very ending, he imagine the goodtime they spent together just like DBSK when the five of them together, happiness is everywhere.


Alright its my oppinion so just dont mind it ^^

oke this is the MV, its full version right



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ups sorry bout that,.. i am just to excited 
are you already see jaejoong oppa at Your inspiration Elle at tv??????? OH my GOD jaejoong oppa so freaking HOT!!!!!! ah that is just make me loveeeeee him more,... oh my when i saw  this video this day,.. oh i cant breathe!!!! ah he is such an adorable plus sexy plus hot plus plus and plus of everything he just to perfect to be an human

just cant stop smile for my self,... oh oppa you make me fly,.. 

oh right here`s the link 


My New lappie
YAAAAYYYY finally i have a new laptop,.. oh dad i love you so much, of course my mom to, hehehe i love the both of you mom and dad who make my dreams come true.

At first i confused what should i choose, but my dad say, just buy the toshiba ohhh that great so i agree with him. At monday i and my friend go to the shop that electronic shop, at first the series that i want is none, so i choose, and finally i found it,.. ahhh so happy i prefer the red one, yeahhh the cassiopeia spirit still in my heart,.. kekkekeke.

but after i have this things, i become confused, hahahah so what must i do with this, and why become like this, arrgggg make me confusing. So it is after charge it until eight hours i can use it,...
i star with copy my data, from the old one, and that is not just a few but is sooooooo manyyyyyyyyy,... maybe i will have less sleep. But its okey, i must do hardwork,. the laptop not complete installed yet, so i must complete it my self.... uhhhh i hate actually doing this, but ist okey my friend will help me with this and that,... 

and that one more thing that make i frustrated is the background or desktop image can`t change T__T meanwhile i want to make jaejoong oppa be my first background *crying at the corner* i hope my friend can help me with this problem,....

I am confused
That is confirmed that JYJ concert will be hold my my country!!! OMG i am so happy to hear that!!!
this is my dream since i know about DBSK, i know that`s JYJ not DBSK but for me that is more than enough hahaha,because i can see jaejoong oppa live!!!... i am so happy right now...

if i am imagine the day of concert later, i will look at jaejoong oppa without blinking my eyes, he is so perfect, so white, so handsome,.. kyaaa~~~~~~ i am being crazy girl here,.. hahahhahha

but the problem is money!!!! hahaha people these day,.. i must find money so i can get that VVIP ticket, can anyone with heart full of kindness give me money??? *beg with puppy eyes*  
i try to find a part time job or something like that but until this day i cant find them, oh i am suck!!!
so what i am going to do? I Tempted to be the one that sit on that vvip chair,.. T___T

my  friend suggest me just borrow some money to bank or friends. At first i think yeah thats the good idea but i thinking again and yes they will lean my money but after i use the money to concert, how can i return that money?? i bet i will use more that ten months to return all of them. Oh my God,....

my other friend also suggest me to just ask my father about the concert. But the answer is NO,... my father will not give me the money, i am sure although i not ask him yet. I know when i tell my father about the concert he will never give me permission because for him my duty is just stody study and study.

Ahhhh so i confused right now,...
if i dont have enough money to be the VVIP, so i will buy the cheapest ticket itself
it`s okay with me, because i just not think about the ticket but also about the transport, meal, and place to stay because the venue for concert is in the different province with me,.. hope my journey will be good^^

just wait more or less 1 month again or 45 days again!!!! ahhh just the time came quickly

i hope i will get the solution about my problem,...

I want to share my thought
 actually i am craving for this fic, i wanna read this for so long, actually when i read the prologue its just make my heart flutter with excitement.
But sad things, when with my difficult and my limitation i find that fic again and to my disappointed it`s locket for me, actually i have already add it and commented some of chapter, but seems like the author didn`t notice me,.. ah i just feel disappointed  with this,... i wanna read this fic sooooo bad T_____T
i know its her decision to make her fic like that, i appreciated it, i bet she feel sad when people read her story and never commenting it, if i am in her position maybe i will do the some things 
i hope will be adding back and become in her ficlist so i can read it again, ahhh this truly make me learn something, must be active in this community
make me learn that not take a week or a month to commenting to some fic
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Saturday Night
long time didn't write in my journal anymore...
Yeah like always my college life just ate me alive bit by bit...
Am i too dramatic? Hehe, just too over right...
Uhm,.. My first semester just ended with a big examination...
Oh GOD.... Thats it so difficult, or just me who lazy to study ,so i think that my answer of all the questions is just don't total... Uh... I want to be a diligent person, but why that is so difficult... T_T
omma... Help me....
My practise exam also ended on friday, i hope i will get a good result...

Oh yeah what more i wanna say *rub my hair*
oh yeah i remember...
I miss Jaejoongie oppa soooo much~~~~~ *scream*
just forget it, i bet that is not important to you guys...Hehe...

Love You all~~~ *kiss*

Hate it
Honestly i dont like people who just copying the task
they dont think that i am work hard and think hard when i did that!!
Ah i wanna scream over her
but i cant
i dont have a heart to say that
when i say that i bet they will say that i am so mean toward them
wua what should i do? T____T

My life in college
Oh God...
I am going crazy with this
with my new enviroment of college or university being a new student
at first i am a little bit confuse about everything
with the lecture, with the teacher, with the administration... Everything
i must be more active in this community...
The day after tomorow actually i must give my task to my teacher but the task is not ready yet... Omigod
i am truly going crazy with the presentation
God please help me T_T

Finally i can see All About DBSK season 3
Oh God...!!
Thank you so much!!
I am so happy, finally can watch aadbsk3
you know my strugle to be able to watch that...
I must go to the most far internet cafe from my home....
But its okey, i do it just for DBSK

one word to aadbsk is AMAZING!! Plus AWESOME!!!
I just can't stop smiling like crazy when i saw that video!!
There 6 disc of dvd... The first is bout story at saipan
they are so funny in there, many game show that they did, and always so funny with the five of them...

On second disc is bout couple talk. I didnt finish it

i watched the full is just the saipan story and making film....
In making film, of course i like making of the way u are in vacation
omigod jaejoong oppa so handsome when he beat some mafia,..
At first i think they just smack or something like that is not true
that is true, my oppa, he truly got beaten from that man
but sure, not hard as the real in the reality, hehehe


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